Saturday, January 26, 2008

Visions and Thorns

After two weeks of studying about Paul's boasting, we find ourselves this week in 2 Corinthians 12, where the first half of the chapter tells the account of Paul's supernatural experience in paradise, then immediately follows with the claim that a messenger from Satan has been tormenting him ever since. There will be no shortage of substance for discussion this Sunday morning.

First, what merit do we give to "special revelations" today. There are a host of people (some devout, some delirious) infiltrating the church with convincing tales of their vision or dream. Can any of them be trusted? Surely God is not incapable of intervening in this manner, but what do we make of Paul's obvious refusal to lean on this experience of his in order to validate his authority and teaching.

Next, the most controversial, the "messenger of Satan" that Paul so gleefully accepts. Isn't Satan the enemy? Wouldn't any interaction between Paul and Satan be indicative of the fact that God has abandoned Paul. Don't we equate any semblance of evil with a curse or judgement from God?

As always, we must seek what Scripture has to say about these topics. I look forward to our discussion tomorrow morning (and continued here online if there are any who feel led).

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