Friday, March 14, 2008

Turn Turn Turn

Ok, so for any oldies fans, the text we'll be studying this Sunday is going to difficult to study without humming the tune to The Byrd's hit from the 60's. But, I dare say that the songwriter Peter Seeger, didn't use this passage from Ecclesiastes with the same outlook on life as the original author.

In chapter 3, we see the author's frustrated outlook on the endless cycle of events; his acknowledgement that we, as humans, realize there is an eternity, yet cannot grasp God's freedom from time's restraint; his resolve to merely enjoy life and appreciate his enjoyment as a gift from God; and the lack of clarity over the ultimate destiny of Man's "breath," or spirit.

The truth I see is that regardless of our knowledge and understanding of the deep things of God, He is nonetheless worthy of worship. It is texts like these in Ecclesiastes 3 that make Solomon's conclusion in chapter 12 such a wonderful expression of reverence for God despite the undeniable mysteries of God.