Friday, April 25, 2008

Botox Religion

Wrinkles? We have a shot for that. Fat? We have a pill for that. Losing muscle tone? Just 20 minutes a day and Bowflex can fix that. Hair going gray? We have a shampoo for that. Body feeling its age? Try icy hot to relax it away. Hearing starting to fade? Beltone make 'em smaller and less noticeable to not only improve hearing, but to safe face by not revealing your weakness.

Does it seem that people in our culture accept aging and death as a part of life? No, we flee from it. I wonder, then, if there is a connection between our denial of the facts of aging and our denial of the facts about God. If a person is truly believes the delusion that they may avoid aging by the power of their own will, effort, or wealth, what heed do they give to their Creator?

Solomon seems to draw a distinct connection as he describes the effects of time on a man, and yet his only conclusion is to remember God while you still can, before the final effect (death) takes hold. As long as we can run from death, we have no need for the Creator. But Solomon says, "Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come" (Ecc. 12:1) What do you suppose it profits a man to contemplate death even while he still feels invincible?

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