Thursday, August 14, 2008

Money in Worship

Well, it's been a nice summer break, but I'll be glad to be back teaching this Sunday morning. We're going to round out the summer with one last topical series before diving into our book for the fall, which will be 1 Peter. For the next three weeks, however, we're going to explore some Biblical concepts on money.

Now, this may not feel like the typical Christian "money management" series you could be used to. Instead, we'll spend this Sunday learning about money in worship, the following Sunday on money in ministry (yes, they're different), and then we'll wrap up the 3rd Sunday, August 31st, with a discussion over the Biblical viewpoints on things like "financial security" and "retirement." I believe that an understanding of Scripture leads us to a Godly application of principals in our life, and that's what I hope we accomplish.

So, how does money relate to worship? Do we worship God by "giving" Him our money, and if so, what in the world does that look like? Well, for many of you, it's those silver plates with red felt at bottom... right? We'll be focusing on Deuteronomy 15 and 16, specifically the feasts, to understand how God wants us to worship Him with our money.

I look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

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